Are you looking for love in Thailand? Ready to take the plunge and try online dating with ThaiCupid? Let’s dive into this review of one of the most popular international dating sites around! With its sleek design, easy-to-use features, and powerful matching system – is it really worth your time (and money)? We’ll explore all that plus more – so read on to find out if ThaiCupid can help you meet ‘the one’!


I’ve tried a lot of dating sites and apps, but when it comes to finding love in Thailand, ThaiCupid is the cream of the crop. It’s like having your own personal matchmaker! The site has tons of great features that make it easy to find someone special – from detailed search filters to advanced messaging options. Plus, you can trust that all profiles are real since they have an extensive verification process for new members. All-in-all, if you’re looking for true love in Thailand then look no further than ThaiCupid!

ThaiCupid in 10 seconds

  • ThaiCupid is an online dating site that connects singles from Thailand and around the world.
  • The matching algorithm on ThaiCupid helps users find compatible matches based on their interests and preferences.
  • ThaiCupid offers two pricing options: a free membership and a premium subscription.
  • The premium subscription starts at $34.99 per month, with discounts available for longer subscriptions.
  • ThaiCupid has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • ThaiCupid’s pricing is competitive compared to other dating sites on the market.
  • ThaiCupid takes user privacy and security seriously, offering secure encryption and verification of user profiles.
  • ThaiCupid has special features such as “CupidTags” which allow users to easily search for potential matches.
  • ThaiCupid also offers a “Faces” feature, which allows users to quickly browse through potential matches.
  • ThaiCupid has a customer service team available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use interface
  • Great selection of singles from Thailand and around the world
  • Comprehensive search filters for finding compatible matches quickly
  • Secure payment system with multiple options
  • Verified profiles ensure genuine connections
  • Limited access to messaging features for free users.
  • Not many active members outside of Thailand.
  • Some profiles may be fake or inactive.

How we reviewed ThaiCupid

When it comes to reviewing ThaiCupid, we don’t mess around. We took the time to test both free and paid versions of this dating site by sending messages back and forth with other users – a total of 100 messages over 10 days! This allowed us to get an in-depth understanding of how the website works, its features, user experience and more. We also looked at all aspects that are important for any successful online dating service: ease-of-use (navigation & search functions), profile quality (pictures & descriptions) as well as communication options available on ThaiCupid. All these were tested thoroughly before writing our review so you can be sure that everything is up-to date when reading what we have written about this popular Asian dating platform. Finally, we wanted to make sure our readers know just how committed we are when it comes to providing detailed reviews – something many other websites fail at doing! That’s why after testing out ThaiCupid ourselves for several days straight, gathering feedback from actual users who had used the site themselves plus researching every single aspect related directly or indirectly with this particular website; only then did write up a comprehensive report about it which includes pros/cons analysis along with ratings based on various criteria such as security measures taken by their team etc…

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a great online dating experience, then ThaiCupid is the way to go! Not only does it have an impressive selection of singles from all over Thailand, but their customer support team is top-notch. Whether you need help setting up your profile or want to report suspicious activity on the site, they’ve got your back.

I recently tested out their customer service and was impressed with how quickly I received a response – usually within hours. They also provide plenty of helpful information on their website so that users can find answers without having to contact them directly; there’s even a page dedicated solely to frequently asked questions (FAQs). This makes finding solutions easy and hassle-free!

In addition, if you do decide to reach out via email or live chat feature (which are both available), expect friendly staff who will be more than happy assist in any way possible. From my own personal experiences contacting ThaiCupid’s support team multiple times now – whether it’s about changing my account settings or reporting fake profiles – I can honestly say that they always respond promptly and professionally each time around. It’s clear that this company takes pride in providing excellent user assistance which speaks volumes about its commitment towards creating an enjoyable online dating atmosphere for everyone involved!

Overall, when it comes down accessing quality support services at ThaiCupid – no matter what issue may arise during your journey as one of its members – rest assured knowing that someone has got your back every step along the way…and fast too! So don’t hesitate: join today and get ready for some serious matchmaking fun with lots of love thrown into mix 😉

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a great online dating experience, ThaiCupid is the way to go! With its user profiles being both public and customizable, it offers plenty of options when it comes to finding that special someone.

The profiles on ThaiCupid are incredibly detailed – from location info (which can be hidden if desired) all the way down to hobbies and interests. This means you don’t have any guesswork involved in trying to figure out who might be compatible with you; everything is laid out right there for easy viewing. Plus, users also get an indication of how far away they are from each other so no one has their time wasted by talking with someone too far away geographically speaking. In addition, premium subscribers benefit even more than regular members as they gain access to advanced search filters which make narrowing down potential matches much easier – plus exclusive features like having your profile highlighted at the top of searches makes sure your chances of getting noticed increase exponentially!

Thankfully I didn’t encounter any fake or scammy-looking profiles while testing this site either – though I’m sure those exist somewhere on every platform these days unfortunately… But overall my experience was positive and I would definitely recommend giving ThaiCupid a try if you’re interested in meeting new people online!

Design & Usability

ThaiCupid is a dating site that really knows how to make an impression. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching, with the perfect combination of reds, blues and whites. It’s easy on the eyes while still being exciting – it definitely stands out from other sites! And when it comes to usability, ThaiCupid makes navigating its features a breeze. Everything is laid out in an intuitive way so you can find what you’re looking for quickly without having to search around too much or click through endless menus.

The design of this website is incredibly user friendly as well; all of the important information about potential matches (including photos) are easily accessible right at your fingertips – no more scrolling endlessly trying to find someone who catches your eye! Plus there’s even some helpful tips sprinkled throughout which provide insight into making successful connections online – great if you’re new to online dating or just need a refresher course on how things work here at ThaiCupid!

If you decide upgrade your membership status by purchasing one of their paid subscriptions then UI improvements become available such as advanced filters that allow users greater control over finding exactly what they want within seconds instead minutes (or hours!). Additionally, premium members get access exclusive messaging tools like “read receipts" which let them know whether their messages have been read yet or not – talk about convenience!. Finally premium subscribers also gain access detailed compatibility reports based off data collected from both parties’ profiles giving them valuable insights into building better relationships with those they meet via this platform. All these extra perks certainly sweeten up deal don’t ya think?

Overall I’d say ThaiCupid has done quite impressive job designing their website for maximum ease useability and fun factor – plus there’s always something new discover each time log back in so never gets boring either! So why wait any longer? Give ’em try today see yourself why everyone raving about Thailand Cupid 😉

Mobile App

Ah, ThaiCupid. The online dating site that promises to bring you closer than ever before to your potential soulmate in Thailand. But what about their mobile app? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look and find out!

Well, here’s the good news: yes, ThaiCupid does have an app – but unfortunately not one of its own making. It is actually powered by Cupid Media Ltd., which has created apps for many other popular dating sites as well (including FilipinoCupid). This means that if you already use any of those other services then this should be familiar territory for you – though there are some differences between them all so don’t expect everything to work exactly the same way on each platform! The main advantage of using a dedicated mobile app like this is convenience; instead of having to log into your account via web browser every time you want access or send messages etc., now all these functions can be done directly from within the application itself with just a few taps and swipes – no need even open up another window anymore! Plus they’ve made sure it looks great too; while obviously nothing beats being able browse profiles on desktop-sized screens when looking for someone special, at least now we know our searches won’t suffer because we’re stuck with tiny phone displays either…

Of course there are also drawbacks associated with such apps too; namely that due both Apple App Store & Google Play policies regarding adult content (which includes anything related/relatedly sexual) users may experience difficulties downloading or accessing certain features depending upon where they reside geographically speaking–so make sure check local laws beforehand if possible just in case… Also worth noting is fact that although free download itself initially,there will likely additional costs involved once subscribed member since most premium plans require payment upfront rather than offering monthly subscription options like website version does.

Overall though I’d say thumbs up overall ;while maybe not perfect solution everyone given restrictions mentioned above still provides solid alternative people who prefer browsing/interacting through phones tablets over computers laptops alike!


ThaiCupid is a great dating site for anyone looking to find love in Thailand. It’s free to join, but if you want access to all the features and perks of the website, then you’ll need a paid subscription. The prices are competitive and there are some really great benefits that come with being a premium member – like unlimited messaging capabilities! Plus, your profile will be highlighted so it stands out from other members’ profiles on search results pages. So if you’re serious about finding someone special in Thailand then getting yourself an upgraded membership could make all the difference!

Plan Price Features
Standard $24.99/month Create a profile, upload photos, search for matches, send messages, read and reply to messages, access to advanced matching algorithms
Gold $34.99/month All features of Standard plan plus: video chat, send and receive unlimited messages, hide profile from other members, advanced search filters
Platinum $39.99/month All features of Gold plan plus: exclusive search options, VIP profile highlighting, translation services, message read receipts

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to ThaiCupid include,, and – all of which are popular dating sites for those looking to meet people from Thailand or with a connection to the country in some way.

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to find a Thai partner.
  • Best for people interested in exploring intercultural relationships with someone from Thailand.
  • Best for those who want to meet and connect with other expats living in Thailand.


1. What is ThaiCupid?

ThaiCupid is an amazing online dating site that helps you find your perfect match. It’s easy to use and has lots of great features, so it makes finding someone special a breeze! I’ve had some really positive experiences with ThaiCupid – definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for love!

2. Is ThaiCupid worth the money?

Yes, ThaiCupid is definitely worth the money. It’s a great dating site with lots of features and options to help you find your perfect match. I’ve had some really good experiences on there so far!

3. How much does ThaiCupid cost?

ThaiCupid is a great dating site and it’s surprisingly affordable. Prices start from just $10 per month, making it one of the most cost-effective options out there. I’ve had really good experiences with ThaiCupid so far – definitely worth checking out!

4. How can I contact ThaiCupid?

I’m a big fan of ThaiCupid. It’s an easy to use dating site with great features and helpful customer service staff. Contacting them is simple, just head over to their website and click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of any page!

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