Are you ready to find your perfect match? With FriendFinder, it’s easier than ever! But is this dating site really worth the hype? Read on for an honest review of FriendFinder and all its features. Will it be love at first sight or will you end up heartbroken? Let’s take a closer look and see if we can figure out how good (or bad) things could get with this online dating platform.


FriendFinder is like a bad blind date – you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into until it’s too late. It’s not worth the time or money to give this dating site a shot. The profiles are outdated and there isn’t much of an active user base, so your chances of finding someone compatible are slim to none! Plus, navigating through all the hoops just to sign up for FriendFinder is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out in frustration. Bottom line: if I were you, I’d steer clear of FriendFinder and find another way (or website) that can help me find my perfect match!

FriendFinder in 10 seconds

  • FriendFinder is a dating site that helps people find compatible matches.
  • Its matching algorithm uses user preferences and compatibility to suggest potential partners.
  • FriendFinder offers different pricing options, including a free basic membership and premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $19.99/month for one month or $15.99/month for three months.
  • FriendFinder also has an app available on iOS and Android devices.
  • The pricing of FriendFinder is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • FriendFinder takes user privacy and security seriously, offering features like photo verification and encryption.
  • Users can also take advantage of special features such as advanced search filters and icebreaker messages.
  • FriendFinder also offers a “Match Me” feature that allows users to be matched with other users who have similar interests.
  • FriendFinder also offers a “Date Ideas” section which provides users with suggestions for fun date activities.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Comprehensive search options for finding compatible matches
  • Variety of communication tools available for connecting with potential dates
  • Limited search options for finding potential matches.
  • Lack of detailed profile information on users.
  • No option to filter out inactive or fake profiles.
  • Poor customer service response times when contacting support team.
  • Some features are only available with a paid subscription plan.

How we reviewed FriendFinder

To review FriendFinder, my team and I put in the time to really get a feel for what this dating site has to offer. We tested both free and paid versions of the website, sending out messages over an extended period of time – about 50 messages each day for 10 days straight! This gave us enough data points to form our opinion on how effective it is as a platform. We also took into account other factors such as ease-of-use when creating profiles or navigating through the website; customer service responsiveness; features available (both free & premium); security measures taken by FriendFinder etc., before coming up with our final verdict. What sets us apart from other reviews sites is that we take pride in providing detailed reviews based on real user experiences instead of just giving superficial ratings without any evidence backing them up – something which many others don’t do these days!

Design & Usability

FriendFinder is a dating site that could use some serious help in the design and usability department. From its outdated color scheme to its lack of user-friendly features, this website looks like it was designed by someone who hasn’t seen an internet browser since 1999!

The overall look of FriendFinder can best be described as “drab” – from the dull blue background to the washed out font colors, there’s nothing here that will grab your attention or make you want to stay for long. The navigation menu isn’t much better either; with options scattered all over the page and no clear way of finding what you’re looking for without clicking through multiple pages first. Even if you do manage to find something useful on their site, chances are good it won’t work properly due to poor coding practices used throughout.

When it comes down to usability, FriendFinder falls short once again – even basic tasks such as creating a profile or sending messages require more clicks than necessary thanks largely in part due clunky interface elements which don’t seem very intuitive at all (at least not compared with other sites). It doesn’t help matters any when trying different things often leads nowhere fast because many links simply lead back home instead of where they should go – talk about frustrating! And while upgrading your account may get rid off ads and unlock additional features (such as advanced search filters), unfortunately these improvements aren’t enough save this sinking ship from being scuttled into oblivion anytime soon… unless major changes are made pronto!

Signing up

Signing up for FriendFinder is a piece of cake! All you need to do is fill out some basic information and voila, you’re ready to start mingling. The minimum age requirement for registration on the website is 18 years old, so if you’re not yet at that milestone in life then it might be best to come back when your birthday rolls around.

First things first – head over to the homepage and click “join now” located near the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up a form with several sections asking for different pieces of info about yourself such as name, email address, location etc… It’s pretty straightforward stuff but make sure all fields are filled out correctly or else there could be delays down the line when trying access certain features on FriendFinder. Once everything looks good hit submit and off we go! The next step requires selecting an avatar (a profile picture) which can either be uploaded from your device or taken directly through webcam – just remember that this photo must adhere by their guidelines otherwise it won’t get approved during moderation process; no explicit content allowed here folks! After choosing an appropriate image simply select continue button located below avatar section…and bam!, we’ve reached our destination: Welcome aboard friend finder!! Now its time enjoy all those lovely dating opportunities awaiting us 😉

Oh yeah I almost forgot – signing up with Friend Finder doesn’t cost anything so don’t worry about having any hidden charges popping-up later down road like other websites tend do sometimes ;). So what are ya waiting? Go ahead jump into pool already & have fun 🙂

  • To register on FriendFinder, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your location
  • A profile picture

FriendFinder features

If you’re looking for a dating site, FriendFinder might not be the best choice. Sure, it has some free features that could help you find someone special but there are also plenty of drawbacks to this service.

First off, the sign-up process is quite lengthy and requires more information than other sites do – like your physical characteristics and lifestyle habits. And even after all that work signing up, I found myself having to pay extra money just to access certain parts of the website! That’s right; if you want full access on FriendFinder then prepare yourself for hefty fees every month or year depending on which plan they offer at any given time.

The search feature isn’t great either; it only allows basic filtering options such as age range or location so finding potential matches can take forever (and who wants that?). Plus when searching through profiles I noticed many users don’t have pictures attached – how am I supposed to know what kind of person they are? Ugh!

There aren’t really any unique features offered by FriendFinder either – no personality tests or matching algorithms here folks! It does have an online magazine section with articles about relationships and advice from experts but honestly these pieces were pretty generic in my opinion… nothing too exciting going on there either unfortunately.

All in all though my experience using this site was disappointing overall; sure it had its moments where things worked out okay but most times it felt like a total waste of time because everything seemed outdated compared with other services available today… plus paying those membership fees?! No thank you!!

  • Matching algorithm to help you find compatible dates
  • Ability to search for potential matches by location, age, gender, and interests
  • Messaging system to communicate with other users
  • Ability to upload photos and create a profile
  • Ability to block unwanted users

Mobile App

Ah, FriendFinder. It’s been around for a while now and it looks like they’re still going strong! But one thing that I’m sure many of us have wondered is: does FriendFinder have an app? Well, the answer to that question depends on what kind of device you’re using.

If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet then yes – there is a native app available in the Google Play Store (and it’s free!). The design isn’t particularly flashy but all the features are there; users can create their profile, search through other members’ profiles and even chat with them directly from within the app itself. Plus its mobile-friendly interface makes navigation easy peasy – no more squinting at tiny text boxes! The iOS version however doesn’t fare quite as well unfortunately; although technically speaking there is an iPhone/iPad compatible version available on iTunes…it hasn’t been updated since 2014 so we wouldn’t recommend downloading it unless absolutely necessary (you know how Apple can be about outdated apps).

As far as disadvantages go though – aside from its age gap between versions – not much else comes to mind really; if anything I’d say some people might find themselves overwhelmed by all those options when searching for potential matches…but hey who said having too many choices was ever a bad thing?!

All things considered though my verdict would be this: If you’ve got access to either type of device then why not give FriendFinder Mobile App a try? You never know who or what could come your way after all 😉


If you’re looking for a dating site, FriendFinder may not be the best option. While it does offer some free features, if you want to get the most out of your experience on this website then you will need to pay up. The subscription prices are definitely not competitive and don’t really give much bang for your buck.

That being said, there are still benefits to getting a paid membership with FriendFinder such as having access to more detailed profiles and better search options so that finding someone compatible is easier than ever before! Plus they also have exclusive chat rooms where members can connect with each other in real time – which could make all the difference when trying find ‘the one’! All-in-all though, I wouldn’t recommend signing up unless you’re willing (and able) to shell out some cash – otherwise it’s just gonna leave ya feeling shortchanged!

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to FriendFinder include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and – all of which are popular dating sites that offer similar features such as profile creation and messaging capabilities.

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to find a romantic partner.
  • Best for people who are new to the dating scene and want an easy way to meet potential partners.
  • Best for those seeking long-term relationships or marriage.


1. Is FriendFinder safe?

FriendFinder is definitely not safe. It’s full of scammers and fake profiles, so it’s best to stay away from this site. I wouldn’t recommend using FriendFinder for online dating at all!

2. Does FriendFinder have a mobile app?

Yes, FriendFinder does have a mobile app. But it’s not the best experience and I wouldn’t recommend using it if you’re looking for a serious relationship. It’s pretty glitchy and doesn’t offer many features that other dating apps do.

3. How many users does FriendFinder have?

FriendFinder has an absurdly large user base, making it hard to find someone who is actually compatible with you. The sheer number of users can be overwhelming and makes the whole experience less enjoyable. I’m not a fan of FriendFinder’s massive size; it takes away from its potential as a great dating site.

4. How to cancel subscription on FriendFinder?

Log into your account, go to the “My Account” page and select “Cancel Subscription.” It’s that easy – no questions asked! Don’t waste your time or money on this site; it’s not worth it. Save yourself the hassle and find a better dating site out there.

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By Jason Comely

Jason Comely is an online dating expert who has dedicated his career to helping people find love in the digital age. He began writing reviews on various dating sites and apps shortly after graduating from college with a degree in psychology, where he studied how relationships form both offline and online. After seeing firsthand how difficult it can be for singles to navigate the world of modern romance, Jason decided that he wanted to help others make better decisions when choosing which platform they should use for their own search for love. Since then, Jason has become one of the most respected voices within this field due to his comprehensive knowledge base about all things related to finding someone special through technology-based platforms. His reviews are always thorough yet easy-to-understand so that anyone can get up close and personal with any site or app before committing themselves fully into it – something that’s essential if you want your romantic journey off on the right foot! In addition, as well as being a renowned reviewer himself; Jason also provides advice sessions via Skype or Zoom calls wherein individuals looking for companionship can gain invaluable insight into what kind of approach works best when searching digitally rather than physically meeting someone out in public first (which isn't always possible). This allows him not only share his expertise but also build meaningful connections between those seeking solace during these unprecedented times we live in today - something which makes him proud every single day!

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