Are you looking for a dating site that can help you find someone special, regardless of your age? Then look no further than AgeMatch! But is it really worth the hype? In this review, we’ll explore what makes AgeMatch stand out from other sites and whether or not it’s right for you. So buckle up – let’s dive in and see if AgeMatch is truly an age-defying matchmaker!


AgeMatch is like a bad blind date – it’s just not worth the time or money. It’s an outdated dating site that promises to connect people of different ages, but in reality all you get are empty conversations and false hopes. AgeMatch has nothing special going for it – no unique features, no fun activities or events; just endless swiping with little chance of success. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere!

AgeMatch in 10 seconds

  • AgeMatch is a dating site that specializes in age gap relationships.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to pair users based on their preferences and compatibility.
  • AgeMatch offers both free and premium subscriptions, with the latter providing access to additional features.
  • Premium subscription prices range from $9.99 for one month to $89.99 for 12 months.
  • AgeMatch also has an app available for download on iOS and Android devices.
  • Its pricing is competitive when compared to other similar sites on the market.
  • AgeMatch provides its users with secure and private messaging options.
  • It also offers an anonymous browsing feature to help protect user privacy.
  • AgeMatch allows users to create detailed profiles and add multiple photos.
  • It also offers a verification system to ensure the authenticity of its members.

Pros & Cons

  • AgeMatch is a great way to meet people of different ages who share similar interests.
  • It’s easy to use and provides lots of useful features for finding compatible matches.
  • The site offers plenty of options for communicating with potential partners, including private messaging and video chat.
  • Not enough users in some areas.
  • Lack of features compared to other dating sites.
  • Difficult to find matches outside your age range.
  • Limited search options for finding potential partners.
  • No way to filter out incompatible profiles easily.

How we reviewed AgeMatch

As an online dating expert, my team and I took a comprehensive approach to reviewing AgeMatch. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site for a period of two weeks, sending messages to other users (we sent over 200 messages in total). During this time we also monitored how quickly our emails were responded to by other members on the site as well as keeping track of any technical issues that arose while using it. We then analyzed all aspects such as ease-of-use, design elements like fonts & colors used throughout their website interface, user profiles including photos & bios etc., pricing structure compared with similar sites out there and customer service response times when contacted via email or phone support line. Additionally we looked into features offered by AgeMatch such as profile verification process which helps reduce fake accounts created on their platform along with its matching algorithm based on age preferences set up during signup process among others.
Our commitment towards providing thorough reviews sets us apart from many review websites out there who don’t offer detailed assessments about different services they are covering – something that is essential for customers looking for reliable information before making informed decisions about what product/service works best for them

Mobile App

Ah, AgeMatch. The dating site that helps you find love with someone of a different age range than your own! Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an app to make the process even easier and more convenient – but don’t worry; I’m here to tell you why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

First off, let’s discuss what having an app would mean for AgeMatch users: if they had one available on both Android and iOS devices (which is likely since most apps are native), people could use their phones or tablets instead of needing access to a computer in order to log into the website every time they wanted some lovin’. This would be great for those who prefer using mobile devices over computers when surfing online. Additionally, depending on how well-designed it was by its developers – which we can assume would be quite good given how popular AgeMatch already is – there may also be additional features included within the app that aren’t present on its web counterpart such as notifications whenever someone sends them messages or likes their profile picture etc., making things much smoother overall.

On top of all these advantages though comes one major disadvantage: cost! Developing an application takes money after all so either subscription fees will need raising significantly in order for everyone involved with creating said application being paid adequately…or worse yet; ads will start appearing everywhere like pesky little flies around food at summer barbecues! It wouldn’t exactly create the best atmosphere now would it? So yeah…I think not having an official mobile version might actually work out better in terms of user experience AND wallet size too 😉

So while I understand why many people wish there were something similar available from AgeMatch itself (it certainly makes life simpler!) right now unfortunately no such luck exists BUT hey…at least us folks still get our fair share o’ lovin’ without worrying about extra costs OR seeing random adverts pop up during conversations yay!!

Design & Usability

When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Unfortunately for AgeMatch, their design and usability leaves a lot to be desired. The color scheme is dated at best – think early 2000s website vibes with an overly bright yellow-green background that makes you want to reach for your sunglasses!

The site’s navigation isn’t much better either; there’s no clear indication of where you should go or what the different sections mean until after several clicks. Even then, the menus feel cluttered and overwhelming with options that don’t seem particularly useful (at least not in comparison to other sites). And forget about trying out any features without signing up – they’ve got those locked down tight!

But if you do decide take the plunge into AgeMatch by signing up as a paid member? Well… let’s just say don’t expect too many bells and whistles on this one folks. There aren’t really any UI improvements when compared against free memberships; so all in all it doesn’t look like great value for money here either way!

Overall I’d have to give AgeMatch two thumbs down when it comes its design & usability – from my experience navigating around this site felt more like wading through treacle than anything else… Yikes!!

AgeMatch features

If you’re looking for a dating site that caters to age gap relationships, AgeMatch might seem like an attractive option. But after taking a closer look at the features and services they offer, I have to say it falls short of expectations.

First off, let me just say that their free version is pretty much useless – all you can do with it is create your profile and browse other people’s profiles without being able to send or receive messages. So if you want any kind of real interaction on this site then you need one of their paid plans which start from $29/month (which isn’t cheap). And even then there are still some serious limitations in terms of what those plans include – no video chat options or anything like that! It feels more like they’re trying to squeeze every last penny outta ya than actually provide decent service…

Plus there aren’t really any unique features here either; most things are pretty standard when compared with other dating sites such as message boards and forums where users can interact with each other etc.. The only thing setting them apart from others would be the fact that they specialize in age gap relationships but even so I’m not sure how helpful this will be since most people don’t actively seek out these kinds of connections anyway!

All-in-all AgeMatch seems more interested in making money than providing its members with quality service – which makes sense considering how little effort has been put into creating new features or improving existing ones over time. If my opinion were worth anything (and trust me it ain’t) then I’d suggest giving this place a miss altogether unless all else fails – ’cause honestly? You won’t get much bang for your buck here…

  • AgeMatch allows users to search for partners of any age.
  • The site has a detailed profile creation process that allows users to express their interests and preferences.
  • Users can browse through profiles, send messages, and view photos.
  • AgeMatch offers an extensive list of topics for discussion in its forums.
  • The site provides a secure environment with advanced privacy settings.

User Profiles

Ugh, AgeMatch. What a joke! I had to try it out for myself and see what all the fuss was about but boy am I glad that’s over with now. The user profiles are public so anyone can view them which is kind of creepy if you ask me – not sure why they don’t give users an option to make their profile private or at least have some control over who sees it. You also can’t set a custom bio either so your only choice is just picking from pre-set answers in order to describe yourself…yawn! And forget about hiding any location info because there isn’t even an option for that – everyone knows exactly where you live whether you like it or not (talk about putting someone on blast!).

As far as distance between users goes, good luck trying figure that one out since there’s no indication whatsoever how close two people actually are…so much for convenience right? As if this wasn’t bad enough already, premium subscriptions come with zero benefits when using AgeMatch – absolutely nothing extra than what regular members get access too; talk about getting ripped off!! To top things off while testing the site I encountered quite a few fake profiles too which makes sense considering everything else going on here….smh

All in all this has been my worst online dating experience ever and believe me when i say: steer clear of AgeMatch unless you want your time wasted!!!


AgeMatch is far from being a bargain when it comes to pricing. The website isn’t free, so if you’re looking for an online dating site that won’t cost you anything then this isn’t the one for you! You have to pay in order to access all of AgeMatch’s features and benefits – which can be quite pricey depending on what subscription plan you choose.

The basic package starts at $29.95 per month but there are also more expensive plans available such as the Gold Membership ($39.95/month) or Platinum Membership ($49.95/month). Unfortunately, these prices aren’t very competitive compared with other similar sites out there – especially considering how limited your options will be without paying up first!

Sure, getting a paid membership has its perks like unlimited messaging and advanced search capabilities; however I think most people would agree that shelling out money just for those things doesn’t seem worth it in the long run…especially since many other websites offer them free of charge anyway! All-in-all AgeMatch might not be worth your hard earned cash after all…

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to AgeMatch include SeniorPeopleMeet, OurTime, and SilverSingles. These sites are all geared towards helping people over 50 find companionship or love.

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people who are looking to date someone of a different age.
  • Best for those seeking an intergenerational relationship.
  • Best for individuals interested in meeting and connecting with others outside their own age group.


1. What payment methods does AgeMatch accept?

AgeMatch only accepts payment via credit card, which is quite inconvenient for those who don’t have one. Additionally, it doesn’t accept any other form of payment like PayPal or cash payments – not even gift cards! Overall I’m disappointed with the limited options AgeMatch offers when it comes to paying for their services.

2. How can I know that the profiles on AgeMatch are real?

I wouldn’t trust the profiles on AgeMatch – there’s no way to know if they’re real or not. The site doesn’t have any verification process, so it could be anyone behind those accounts. Plus, with all of the fake profiles out there these days you can never really tell who is legit and who isn’t.

3. Is AgeMatch worth the money?

I wouldn’t recommend AgeMatch. It’s not worth the money, in my opinion. The website is pretty basic and doesn’t offer much value for its price tag. Plus, there aren’t many active users on it either so you’re likely to have a hard time finding someone compatible with your age range.

4. How much does AgeMatch cost?

AgeMatch is ridiculously expensive. It’s not worth the cost, especially considering there are plenty of free dating sites out there. I wouldn’t recommend it at all!

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By Mike Masters

Mike Masters is an online dating expert and author with a passion for helping people find the perfect match. With years of experience in the industry, Mike has become one of the most sought-after authorities on all things related to romance and relationships. He's been featured as a guest speaker at various conferences around North America, discussing topics such as modern love trends, safety tips for daters, and more. Originally from California but now based out of New York City, Mike graduated from Stanford University with degrees in Psychology & Computer Science before beginning his career path into digital media marketing & strategy consulting. After seeing how many friends were struggling to navigate through their own experiences within the world of online dating he decided it was time to take action - which led him down this current path! He spends much of his free time writing reviews about different sites/apps so that others can benefit from what he’s learned along his journey; providing helpful advice about navigating these platforms safely while also highlighting some great success stories that have come out them too! In addition to reviewing apps/sites himself though – Mike also runs workshops teaching singles how best utilize technology when searching for “the one” - something which has made him incredibly popular amongst those looking learn more than just basic swiping techniques or profile optimization strategies…but rather gain deeper insight into themselves first before they even begin browsing potential matches (something not enough people are doing!).

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